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Techniques of the Observer

Techniques of the Observer is a film screening series that explores the many possibilities of experimental films as a range of styles, motivations and techniques that are generally quite different from, and often opposed to, commercial and traditional documentary film practice.

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A simple algorithm turns a comedy into an existential crisis. The computational universe speaks.


Utsav Mela

A meandering camera roll of 16mm film, shot at a county fair in Bhopal, India, optically printed and composited with handpainted clear leader.

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Tiny Patch of Sky

Tiny Patch of Sky is a live 16mm-based video feedback loop of a treelined skyline at Prospect Park, NYC, that will soon be imposed on by a 23-storey luxury apartment complex presently under contstruction. The 16mm based footage of the ...

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In June 2006, I visited my family and home in Bombay, India, after spending a year and a half at graduate school in New York. My return coincided with the implementation of large-scale redevelopment projects across the city fueled by a real estate boom that had developers scrambling to convert property into high-end housing projects. In less than two years, my neighborhood of modest family owned cottages, open spaces and smaller community gardens had been replaced by a strip of high-rise condos and luxury apartments. Disoriented and perturbed by this drastic transformation, I began to make short video recordings of the changing urban landscape on a borrowed MiniDV camera.

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When Albert Pinto Jr. Sees the Light

When Albert Pinto Jr. sees the Light - my first attempt at film making - is an urban parable set in New York shot on 16mm with immersive video projections that explores my personal feelings of displacement and the peculiar relationship between film and space.

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