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Towards Queer Television Theory

on Thursday, 02 June 2011. Posted in Student Notes


This articles objective is to look critically at the relationship between queer and TV, being the critical position and this specific media experience. Looking at queer as a critical intervention, cultural product, and political strategy rather than simply marking gay or even straight liberation.

The New Queer – queer culture offering an alternative view to the traditional forms of TV that represents queer culture that stemmed from the activist politics of the AIDS era and it’s social practices and cultural production.

“Towards queer television theory: Bigger pictures sans the sweet queer-after.”

on Tuesday, 24 May 2011. Posted in Student Notes


Aim: Scrutinize the relationship between ‘queer’ and ‘tv’, between this specific critical position (sexual dissidence) and this specific media experience (popular culture).

1. “queer and now” – involves the critical exploration of contemporary texts that are deemed queer either in terms of the sexuality of their creators or audience, or through a ‘gender play’ suggestiveness of their context.

2. “sweet queer after” - Similarly attends to the queerness of television makers and viewers but does so as a retroactive. It represents a rereading and reclaiming of classical television texts: a retrospective queering of TV history.