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Reaganism and the sign for blackness

on Tuesday, 31 May 2011. Posted in Student Notes


Ronald Reagan – the embodiment of Reaganism, functioned as the cultural and historical sign, for many whites, of the “real” America.

Reaganism- served as a key point of rearticulation for disparate political, social, historical, and cultural investments in an aggressive discourse of whiteness.

Reagan functioned as the key signifier of the “authentic American” and the glory days of American national preeminence

Reaganism updated and reactivated the resentments of Dixiecrats who in the 1960s felt betrayed by Democratic support for initiatives that outlawed segregation in the South

“As a formation, Reaganism was built on desires to dismantle the welfare state, to curb an intrusive government, to stimulate corporate growth through unrestrained market forces, and (through key judicial appointments) to ensure a long reign of conservative authority in key areas of public and private life”