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Ways of Seeing, Chapter 3

on Thursday, 21 April 2011. Posted in Student Notes


A man’s presence is dependent upon the power he embodies and this power is always exerted towards other. Woman’s presence expresses her attitude. This is done through such things as, gestures, voice, opinions, expressions, clothes, etc.

Men will think of this almost as a physical emanation. Women have become accustomed to considering the surveyor and the surveyed within themselves. “Her sense of being in herself is supplanted [to take the place of] by a sense of being appreciated as herself by others” (Berger, 46).

I took this to mean that a woman becomes more concerned with how others view her, therefore replacing her own concern for herself. Women watch others watching them. This happens because men survey women before treating them, more simply put, men act and women appear.

Ways of Seeing, Chapter 3

on Monday, 18 April 2011. Posted in Student Notes


• Man’s presence-dependent on the promise of power
• Woman’s presence expressing her attitude
o Defines what can/can’t be done to her
• Surveyor vs. surveyed
o Men act and women appear
o Men look at women, women watch themselves being looked at
• Woman blamed and punished by being made “subservient” to the male
o Ex. Rooted in religion
§ Adam and Eve
o Shame became a display
• Naked vs. Nude
o Nakedness created in the “mind of the beholder”
o P.50 “She is not naked as she is, she naked as the spectator sees             it”
o Naked is to be without clothes, nude is a form of art
o La Grande Odalisque (Ingres 1780-1867)
§ Her body arranged to show it to he who is looking at the
§ “Picture made to appeal to his sexuality, having nothing to
do with hers”