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Chapter 12 – The Culture of Journalism: Values, Ethics, and Democracy

on Tuesday, 26 April 2011. Posted in Student Notes



Chapter 12 in Media Essentials discusses the current state of journalism and how it has evolved as we enter into the Information Age. We learn that news is “the process of gathering information and making reports using a narrative framework” and that there is a criteria for what journalists consider to be “newsworthy” – the timeliness, proximity, conflict, prominence, human interest, consequence, usefulness, novelty, and deviance of stories. While most journalists uphold a number of values (including the principles of neutrality and ethnocentricism), they often times come into conflict over ethics in the news media. In particular, the issues of deception, privacy invasions, and conflicts of interest have led journalists to seek answers from philosophic principles to help them resolve these dilemmas.