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on Thursday, 28 April 2011. Posted in Student Notes



McMahon and Quin say that ideology is a mixture of theories, ideas, habits, and activities that shape society’s perception. Although ideology is not a natural phenomenon, it is engrained into our brains from the get-go. Through social practices, we are processed to believe in ideologies. Along with ideologies come myths that are a society’s way of making sense of things. Myths also perpetuate stereotypes which, in turn, reinforce ideologies.

Common Sense, Myth, News, and Realism

on Thursday, 21 April 2011. Posted in Student Notes


In Campbell's article he describes, Journalistic “Common Sense,” and its reflection of the Myths, Stereotypes of the News Journalists and how they affect the News and its influence on the American Peoples. (page 13), Social/Political/Culture research, “… reflects a likelihood that contemporary racism in America is being fostered by the news media's “commonsense” myths despite even the best intentions of journalist caught in a system dominated by majority culture values and sensibilities.” Campbell's argument is to understand how the journalistic process helps to convey a perspective of the 'norm middle-class white man.' He argues for the realistic and truths that aren't included in the news due to the audience and preconceived notions of what is idealistic for the mass American Culture. He identifies these myths, and understandable concludes that the news is an institution that fosters racism and values cultural “traditional” common sense and biases that defy and contradict the 'real.'

Campbell  illustrates the demand and provisional portrayal of the news anchor as a biased perspective of the 'white man.' He illustrates this theme in journalism through historical and economic ties of race and class. For the hiring process of news journalists it is known that they must adopt the perspective and values of the white man in order to be hired, this said, the obvious construction of the news and its biases are defective.  This creates a social construct for the news media and understandably argues the constructions of what it means for the news to be 'unbiased' when it 'realistically' is. Today on the news, after reading this article I find that the theme of the 'white man' is all around and that cultural stereotypes perceive and illustrate the perspectives that are chosen to be shown by the news and the journalists point of view.